Beer and Homebrewing – Four Fun Facts

If you’re like most people, you probably love trivia. Come on – admit it. At some point or another nearly every one of us has played a game of Trivial Pursuit at a party or watched Jeopardy on television. So how would you like to know a few fun facts about beer and home brewing?

We all know about how the pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock. But did you know that the pilgrims stopped where they did because they had run out of beer? If they still had beer on board, the pilgrims probably would have kept sailing South (to somewhere warmer). If the pilgrims had more homebrew beer on board, the world (or at least North America and the United States) may have been a different place today.

Did you know that July is officially “American Beer Month”? When you stop to think about it — what with the Fourth of July, summer barbeques, and plenty of ballgames — having July as American Beer Month makes a lot of sense. But if the pilgrims hadn’t run out of their homebrew beer, maybe there wouldn’t be an American Beer Month at all.

Did you know that over 30,000 people visit Denver each Fall for “The Great American Beer Festival”? What’s to do at such a festival? Well, by now I am sure that you can guess: you can talk about beer, drink beer, learn about homebrew beer, and you can even try a few kinds of homebrew beer.

Surely you know that beer (homebrew and store bought) is not solely an American tradition. But did you know that rules and regulations about beer go back to ancient times? In fact, in Babylonia there was a law that prevented bars from serving watered down beer. Now if you love beer, you know how disappointing a watered-down beer can be. But the punishment for serving watered-down beer in Babylonia was that the bartender was drowned in a barrel of the watered-down brew. That’s a serious punishment!

Homebrew Beer – 6 Great Reasons to Get Started Now

If you are a beer advocate and enjoy the fine taste of a delicious brew, then you will love what you can achieve with homebrewing. Making homebrew beer is a hobby enjoyed by a great many people, but what makes it so popular? Here are six top reasons why you too will want to get started now on brewing your own.

  • Its Easy

Forget the mess and difficulty of malting your own grains, now with a simple beer kit and malt extract it couldn’t be easier.

Just take the ingredients provided, mix them with water as per the instructions, place the cap on the fermenter, and let the yeast do the work. It brews your beer, while you take it easy. Check it’s ready with the hydrometer, then bottle it (an easy filler tube is provided for this), and soon you can enjoy that liquid nectar.

That’s the beauty of homebrewing with kits — everything is provided for brewing high quality beer, and it’s all made so easy.

  • Its Cheap

Not surprisingly, making your own beer is a lot cheaper than drinking the commercial brands. The microbrewery kit is reasonably priced and completely reusable; then choose from a wide range of individual malt kits to give you whichever delicious variety of beer you fancy at the time. You can brew up six gallons of your favorite nectar for about $20-30. It’s a cheap and delicious hobby!

  • Its Fun

Some hobbies can seem like hard work — not this one! Not only is it easy and cheap, but you can have fun and enjoy the results. You can now brew classic lager, stout, ales and other great beers. Try one variety after another if you like. Or experiment by creating your own special blends and flavors, and try them on your friends!

  • Taste the Difference!

Homebrewed beer is completely pure — there are no artificial colors or added preservatives. This contributes to its special quality of taste and flavor.

Whichever variety you try — refreshing, smooth, satisfying — it beats commercial brands hands down. And you are not limited to the regular classics — now you can create all kinds of delicious originals. Experiment with beautiful honey beers, or spiced ales, or the legendary Goat Scrotum Ale — a blissful blend of fascinating flavors.

Venture into the wide world of homebrewing, and you won’t want to go back!

  • Impress Your Friends

Get ready to impress your friends, family and work colleagues. People are amazed how good homebrewed beer tastes, so don’t be surprised when they come back for more. And of course you need never run out — you can easily brew up 6 gallons at a time, each and every week, and a different tasty beer each time. Now that’s impressive.

  • Health Benefits

As if all those other reasons aren’t enough, drinking homebrewed beer in moderation also has distinct health benefits. These include decreasing the chance of stroke and coronary heart disease, decreasing the occurrence of blood clots, and increasing your good cholesterol. It is also a proven stress reliever. And there are more health benefits besides. So you can truly feel good about your new hobby.

Homebrew – For the Best Beer You’ve Ever Tasted

If you have never tried homebrewing before, you are absolutely missing out on a great pleasure in life, especially if you enjoy beer at all. A lot of people enjoy making a batch of homebrew simply to share it with friends, but for some people, it is nearly an art form. The first piece of information necessary for you to do whenever you are beginning a batch of homebrew is to have everything ready and within reach. You can either attain the needed things individually or you can get them in a kit and save yourself loads of heartache. There are starter beer kits that are out there on a number of unique websites, and they can help you to get your activity started quickly.

Of course, as you continue to make more homebrew, it will be unnecessary for you to repurchase most of the items that are included in one of these beer kits. That is where the real joy begins because you can experiment with the unique ingredients and instruments in order to make the pastime all the more fascinating. With a little bit of probing, you might also be delighted to learn that there are many homebrew clubs right in your local area. This is an excellent way for you to socialize with other people who enjoy inventing their own beer and can teach you a lesson or two about doing so. Many of us enjoy sharing lessons we have obtained about our pastime and with a pastime that is as pleasing as brewing your own beer, you search for whatever material that is out there.

Although it is indeed fun to make the beer, everyone’s favorite thing is normally when the tasting finally begins. After bottling your homebrew and chilling it if desired, it’s a fun time for you to meet up with some friends and pop the caps on the new batch. If you were a little bit daring in your choices, you might be pleasantly surprised with some of the comments that you will get from it.